Learn to

  1. You'll receive multiple items in an envelope to play the game:

    A. Bingo card (the design will change seasonally)
    B. Space cover pieces (you could also use a dauber)
    C. An insert card with QR code

  2. You'll need to follow me on a social media channel like Facebook or Instagram!

  3. Play the video for further instructions (no, it won't self destruct - haha) 

Step 1

Set out your board. Separate the space covers into individual pieces. Grab some clear tape! Don't forget to mark off the free space.

Step 2

Follow me on Instagram or Facebook, whatever social media platform you prefer! Videos will be posted calling out the spaces.

Step 3

Check the social media page on the dates outlined on the insert you received. Mark off the spaces as they're called with your squares!

Step 4

Videos will be posted for three consecutive days. Once you have a bingo TAKE A PHOTO with your card (you must be in it!) and text it!

Follow on Social Media

Have a BINGO - ready to send it?

Please note that by playing and sending in an image of your winning board, you consent for your photo to be shared on social media, in my monthly newsletter, etc. Please let me know if you have questions!