Yikes! What Does Water Intrusion Look Like?

Yikes!! Water intrusion and large settlement gaps in a block foundation. What would YOU do!? Tell me in the comments. Buy or walk? See my thoughts below…

🤔 🤔

My professional recommendation? Walk away. Unless every other item about this house is a can’t miss, absolutely love, will never be able to find another house like it, etc…

If that’s the case… I would strongly encourage a generous inspection contingency so that a structural engineer could advise. Additionally, a reputable company specializing in water remediation - not just internally, but external to determine what could be done with grading, etc. to release the pressure and redirect the water. (I hope you’re reading this and seeing 🤑🤑🤑.)

Please, for the sake of one of the largest investments in your life, make sure you are working with an agent skilled enough to be able to identify these concerns and guide conversation around them.

Selling a home like this? You need to understand that your price is going to need to reflect and balance out buyer concerns. Consider some legwork/sale prep and get a letter from a structural engineer in advance (ask your agent for pros and cons or DM me). Spending $500 now could mitigate losing tens of thousands during contract negotiations.

—> Know and understand the disclosure laws in your state!

Past issues that have been remediated to the best of the seller's knowledge do not have to be disclosed!